Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick Bacon Sammy

I was looking for a quick lunch today that I could make while I was chopping up ingredients to put in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. Here is what I came up with and it's super easy!

2 slices of bacon, turkey or regular
2 slices of tomato
1 tsp mayo
1 bagel, I used everything flavor
Sprinkle of salt on the tomato slices, if desired and to taste

I used my toaster oven for all the cooking involved in this sandwich. 
First I took the baking pan in my toaster oven and put a sheet of foil on it for easy clean up. I then put the 2 slices of bacon on it and baked them for 10 mins in the toaster oven. When they were all crispy I took them out to drain on a paper towel. I then put the bagel in the toaster oven and toasted it on medium dark. While it was toasting I sliced up the tomato and sprinkled a small amount of salt on the slices. When the bagel was finished toasting I spread on the mayo and layered the tomato, then the bacon, then another slice of tomato. Simple and amazing. Not really diet friendly but very time friendly. Enjoy~!

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